A “significant” platform upgrade for GlobalDairyTrade Events is planned this year.

GDT, which was established in 2008 and is the main global online dairy commodity trading platform, has released its first annual report.

The intention was to consolidate and grow its two new services, GDT Insight and GDT Marketplace, while also seeking to “innovate and grow” GDT Events, director Eric Hansen said.

The upgrade for GDT Events was planned to provide a more compelling customer experience through modern e-commerce features, greater flexibility for users, and improved customer training and support facilities.

The viability of creating multi-seller pools for homogeneous products, such as generic lactose or other commodity products available from certain regions, was being investigated.

Throughout 2016, GDT Events performed successfully against the background of a prolonged two-year downturn in the global dairy market, Mr Hansen said.

The New Zealand Herald

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