Cold weather may be unbearable for some people, but it usually means more money for investors in Netflix and North Face maker VF Corp.

CNBC analysis using Kensho found that Netflix and VF Corp. shares have averaged a gain of 35 percent and 7 percent, respectively, between Nov. 30 and March 31 over the past 10 years. The analysis also found that both stocks have traded positive 80 percent and 100 percent, respectively, in that time period.

Other stocks that have kept investors warm during the cold winter include Home Depot, Domino’s Pizza and Autozone. Both Home Depotand Autozone have averaged a return of 11 percent during the last 10 winters, while Domino’s has averaged a 24 percent gain.

The East Coast of the U.S. is experiencing frigid conditions, and temperatures are expected to drop further throughout the week.

The National Weather Service issued winter storm watches and warnings on Wednesday from north-central Florida through eastern New England. The service also said an area of low pressure will move up the Atlantic Coast on Thursday and Friday.

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