According to Danone, the plant milks currently on the market have limitations. The company points out that these milks are marketed based on their main ingredient, with soy, almond, and oat being the most popular. But some consumers are put off by this, as they know the taste and texture will be different from dairy.

Danone sees an opportunity to develop a new type of plant milk with a neutral taste that mimics dairy. Rather than being categorised by their main ingredient, the new milks will be sold under the names NextMilk (Silk), Not Milk (Alpro), and Wondermilk (So Delicious).

Danone, which owns American brands Silk and So Delicious as well as European brand Alpro, has seen sales of dairy alternatives surge in recent months. But while 40% of households in the US and 30-50% in Europe now buy plant milks, this isn’t enough for Danone. Since at least half of households still buy exclusively dairy milk, the company believes there is huge potential to convince more consumers to try plant-based.


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