Offering robot delivery across college campuses will help Grubhub reach more students, which have the ability to integrate their meal plans directly into a Grubhub account to access restaurants both on- and off-campus for delivery or pickup. Targeting younger consumers could also build loyalty for Grubhub over time, especially if the company becomes a students’ go-to for food delivery service.

Yandex’s rovers would be able to operate during the day and night, navigate in average snow and rain, navigate autonomously between pickup and dropoff locations and use regulated and unregulated crosswalks. These rovers can also carry up to 44 pounds of goods, according to The Wall Street Journal, which could provide an easier way to deliver multiple orders to students in one trip. Students will be able to access their orders by using the Grubhub app to open the rover. Once the student closes the hatch after receiving their order, the rover continues to deliver its next order.

Rovers also make small order delivery, which can add up quickly if a diner just wants a snack versus a full meal, more cost-effective. Food delivery companies often add additional fees for orders under $10, and couriers tend to shy away from these orders as well.


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