01 February 2018

MAJOR EVENT AT HOKITIKA PLANT – Milk collection information

Dear shareholders and suppliers,

Due to the significant weather event that has hit the West Coast in the last few hours, our plant at Hokitika is without electric power and our milk collection capacity has been severely compromised.

The plant and all staff are safe and secure. There has only been some minor wind damage. We will be able to recommence processing when power is restored.

The power outage has halted all production at Hokitika. Phone lines, internet, emails and other communications channels are also down at our Hokitika site, as they are in many places throughout the West Coast.

However, at this stage lines company Electronet has been unable to identify the source of the power outage and we have no timetable for a return of electric power. We are therefore obliged to plan for a minimum 48-hour outage.

Our business continuity system has been activated but please be aware our company emails are not working because of the power outage.

Milk Collection

Our milk collection schedule has been severely impaired so it is possible that suppliers might need to dispose of milk on-farm. If you fill your farm holding tank and require further space, please only dispose of enough milk to get your next milking into the farm holding tank. It is essential that you record the volume of milk disposed of.

If you are without electricity to maintain the cooler in your milk storage, please be aware that milk that goes above regulatory temperatures cannot be collected. Suppliers who cannot maintain their milk to the required temperature also need to be prepared to dispose of milk to land.

Before disposing of milk, please try to contact milk collection to check tanker availability on any of these numbers:  03 756 9841, or 0800 732 700 ext 841.  Please do not leave a message on voicemail, continue calling until you reach a staff member.

If you have issues, are without electric power, or know you are cut off from tanker collection, or have questions re milk disposal, please contact Wayne Climo 021 376 491 or Doug Cochrane 0274341964. You can also contact your Milk Supply Managers Taane Johnsen 027 886 2765, Penny McIntosh 027 886 2763 or Mark Martini 027 886 2764. A reminder that currently, our company emails are not working because of the power outage.

We are making every effort to get tankers to as many farms as possible but, because we are unable to process milk, it is being diverted to other dairy processors.


Toni Brendish

Chief Executive


Please note: Because Westland emails are not working sue to the power outage this emails is sent per Steve Attwood, Communications Manager, via his company email address. Feel free to send emails to Steve but it is preferable to contact the phone numbers above.


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