Monthly goods exports were up $326 million (7.1 percent) from November 2017 to $4.9 billion.

Exports of aluminium and beef were the leading contributors to the rise in exports.

Exports of aluminium were up $59 million from November 2017 due to unusually low values and quantities in November 2017. The monthly value in November 2018 ($101 million) was at a level similar to recent months.

Beef rose $51 million from November 2017, led by an increase of $32 million to China.

Milk powder, butter, and cheese, our largest commodity group, rose $30 million (2.1 percent).

“There were contrasting movements in dairy product commodities in November,” Mr Islam said. “Milk powder was up, whereas exports of butter were down by a similar amount.”

There was an increase in exports to most of our top export destinations, the largest of these rises were to China (up $220 million), and USA (up $96 million).

Source: Stats NZ

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