Months after multiple cities began requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination for restaurant diners, a trend is emerging from individual businesses around the country requiring proof of booster shots for employees and customers, including cruise lines, Facebook’s offices, and several restaurants.

Maui County in Hawaii is now requiring booster shots for residents to be considered fully vaccinated to get into restaurants, bars and gyms. But for the most part, restaurants that have implemented three-shot requirements for employees and/or patrons have been going at it alone, without local mandates.

In the San Francisco Bay area, Cassava is one of several restaurants to implement a booster mandate, though the restaurant has temporarily closed due to the sharp rise in omicron cases. Owner Yuka Iori started asking her employees to get a booster shot by the end of October and on Dec. 23 began implementing a booster vaccination for all guests after posting a poll about the contentious topic on the restaurant’s Instagram page.


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