NFU president Meurig Raymond told Farmers Guardian the proposals in both papers could be ‘seriously detrimental’ to the economy and the environment.

The first report, from the Eating Better Alliance, was produced with organisations including Friends of the Earth and Compassion in World Farming, and said any future agricultural policy must push people towards a more plant-based diet to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It was claimed this ‘less and better’ approach to livestock consumption would also result in higher-quality, higher-welfare, produce.


The report called for the Government to explore all avenues to change people’s eating habits, including taxing meat and dairy. Other suggestions involved providing advice to the public on ‘sustainable’ diets and integrating such advice into public procurement rules.

Mr Raymond said the demands were ‘absolutely ridiculous’.

“We know we need dairy products and meat to be part of a well-balanced diet”, he added.

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