Some have defined it as the ‘milk monster’ that will ruin the Spanish dairy sector and activate an environmental watch pump. Others prefer to see it as the salvation of Soria in his struggle against depopulation. What nobody is disputing are his figures, which give vertigo vertigo. A dairy with 20,000 heads in milking, 900 hectares of land, a consumption of 600,000 kilos of forage and more than three million liters of water every day, 93 million investment and 180 million liters of milk per year. The result: the largest milk farm in Europe and one of the five largest in the world, on a scale that only the United States and China have dared to implant. Its location: Noviercas , a village of 155 inhabitants east of Soria, between La Rioja, Navarre and Aragon.

The business project is led by the Navarre cooperative Odieta Valley and has the support of the Junta de Castilla y León. The cooperative has reached pre-agreements with all the owners of the land that would occupy the farm, and only awaits the environmental impact report of the technicians of the Board, scheduled for this spring, to lay the foundation stone. The agricultural and livestock sector of the northern half of the Peninsula assists with a mixture of disbelief and fear of the advance of the macrogranja. The Coordinator of Organizations of Farmers and Cattlemen ( COAG ) ensures that once the Noviercas farm opens, the 432 dairy farms and 726 direct jobs from Zamora to Cantabria passing through the Basque Country will go to ruin at instant. Not to mention the volume of manure and manure, which COAG amounts to 368,000 tonnes a year (almost a thousand a day), the equivalent of the residue generated by 4.4 million people, ie the population of Castilla y León and Castilla “La Mancha together.

El Confidencial (Must be translated to english)

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