The World Trade Organization will grant the United States permission to impose tariffs on the European Union as part of a prolonged scuffle over subsidies given to European plane maker Airbus, European officials said Monday, a move that is likely to exacerbate trade tensions across the Atlantic.

The ruling, to be published in the week of Sept. 30, is the global trade body’s final decision in a 15-year old dispute over the government assistance that Europe provides to its major plane manufacturer. It will clear the way for the United States to impose tariffs on European goods, worsening tensions that have become strained under President Trump’s confrontational approach.

The W.T.O. still must authorize a specific dollar amount that the United States can recoup through tariffs. But the United States Trade Representative has already prepared two lists of up to $25 billion worth of products that it can tax, including airplanes, fish, wine, leather purses, carpets and clocks.


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