President Trump Wednesday continued to threaten to abandon the North American Free Trade Agreement –even as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stressed that changes could improve it and as lawmakers such as Rep. Tom Reed of Corning pushed for provisions that would benefit farmers in New York State.

Trump and Trudeau met at the White House. The president once again made clear that he’s not very concerned about withdrawing from the deal — even though business leaders warned that doing so could disrupt supply lines and boost consumer prices in the United States.

“I think Justin understands that if we can’t make a deal, it’ll be terminated, and that’ll be fine,” Trump said, with the prime minister at his side. “They’re going to do well, we’re going to do well. But maybe that won’t be necessary. But it has to be fair to both countries.”

Later, at a news conference on the roof of the Canadian Embassy, Trudeau said he remains guardedly optimistic that the United States, Canada and Mexico can strike a mutually beneficial agreement to improve the quarter-century-old trade deal.

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