A 10-screen movie theater in Woodhaven, Mich., needed help, fast. After closing for 15 months during the pandemic, it reopened this past July, and its owner needed a way to stand out. So Jon Goldstein decided to radically change the pricing plan. Convincing customers to embrace it would be harder than he expected.

For $20 during the week—$25 on weekend evenings and other peak times—adults received a movie ticket plus a wristband entitling them to unlimited popcorn, pizza, chicken tenders, soda, candy and other special menu items. Tickets for the show alone sold for $12.

“I have wanted to redo the business model since I got into the business,” said Mr. Goldstein, who built his first movie theater, in Meadville, Pa., 15 years ago. “Without the pandemic, I might have been too busy to try this.”


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