About Us

HighGround Dairy's Mission

Launched in 2012 by industry veteran, Eric Meyer, HighGround Dairy's mission is to utilize the team’s dairy industry experience to deliver unparalleled global market intelligence, opinion, strategy and execution in a relentless pursuit of customer success.

Eric is the President of HighGround Trading LLC's Dairy Division, which services global market participants who are active in trading exchange-based futures and options markets. Through the brokerage division and its related company, HighGround Advisory Group, Inc., we specialize in dairy hedging, risk management and market analysis services. In addition, the HighGround Insurance Group services our US dairy producer customers that utilize Federal Crop Insurance programs like Dairy Revenue Protection (DRP), Livestock Gross Margin (LGM), and Livestock Revenue Protection (LRP) as a risk management tool.

Dairy Market Intelligence

Subscribe to the latest dairy market insights, data and tools from HighGround's team of specialists.


Dairy Consulting

Customized dairy advisory, research, education and training solutions.

Dairy Insurance

DRP or LGM dairy insurance services with insight from HG Dairy risk advisors.

Hedging and Execution

Tailor-made hedge plans along with efficient and innovative exchange and OTC execution.

HighGround Dairy's Values


We shoot it straight and do what we say.


We have never traded our own personal funds in the dairy marketings, keeping 100% of our focus on customer goals & objectives.


We never share customer information with anyone.


We are driven to be the best in our industry.


We succeed through quickness, creativity and adaptability.


We foster an environment that appreciates one another's beliefs and contributions.

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