Dairy Supply Chain

Building sustainable models through market intelligence & hedging strategies. The global dairy markets can be a minefield of data and information of varying levels of accuracy, making it difficult for businesses to navigate. It can also be challenging to learn the global and domestic pricing systems.

HighGround Dairy’s mission is to provide our dairy supply chain clients with highly accurate, comprehensive analysis, research, and forecasting to assist in deciphering the market and empowering them to make informed decisions.

Our customized hedge planning and execution services help clients create effective risk management strategies, while our dairy market education and market intelligence services are designed to help our clients achieve more sustainable and profitable business models through actionable insights.

Global Food Companies

Just as susceptible to the effects of market fluctuations, price drops, rising input costs, and consumer buying trends, our global food clients require robust risk management strategies and forecasting like any other business along the Ag value chain.

Providing insights for global food clients.

HighGround Dairy’s unbiased market analysis and forecasting offer our global food clients insight into market movement. Our keen market analysis adds value to their decision-making and team processes, while our forecasts and other reporting help their procurement and risk teams to stay informed about market expectations and changes. In addition, we add value with competitive brokerage rates as well.

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Food Service & Retail

Despite significant food investment costs, food service companies often partner with generalists when compiling and analyzing dairy market data. However, with so much at stake regarding food costs, including narrow food service margins, general intelligence can’t provide the insight required to make the most informed decisions regarding price contracts.

How HighGround Dairy helps food service & retail clients:

HighGround’s market specialists create target-specific analysis and data to help our food service clients stabilize input costs and develop hedging strategies to protect the integrity of menu and grocery prices. Through proactive and predictive strategies, our food service and retail clients can accurately time, plan and execute LTOs (limited time only) and maximize associated ad spend.

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Dairy Cooperatives

Time, or lack thereof, is often the most significant constraint for our Dairy Cooperative clients when analyzing markets and generating their own market intelligence.  

Heavy administrative work involved in collecting, manufacturing, and marketing milk products doesn’t always allow for the necessary market analysis and forecasting required to stay ahead of market volatility and shifting price models.

How dairy cooperatives can benefit with HighGround Dairy:

Our timesaving analysis and reporting provide cooperatives unbiased visibility into markets to help their producers meet their goals individually and collectively.

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Dairy Processors

Dairy processors serve as the critical bridge between dairy farmers and consumers, taking raw milk-based materials and turning them into products that serve markets from grocery stores to restaurants.

How HighGround Dairy is a market resource for Dairy processors.

By providing dairy market education about product pricing and the tools used to understand dairy pricing systems, we help dairy processors protect against upside risk and preserve margins by assisting them in controlling input costs and inventory.

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Dairy Merchandisers

Dairy merchandisers operate with unique, short-term horizons and market dynamics due to the perishable nature of dairy products. Dairy merchandisers must prioritize inventory movement when working with all points of the supply chain, from processors to manufacturers.

HighGround Dairy helps merchandisers succeed.

Working closely with merchandisers with instantaneous response times, we can assist with market trends and analyze fundamental shifts in the market to help merchandisers operate more efficiently.


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