Dairy Insurance

Market-based insurance should come from agents with market expertise

Many USDA-RMA insurance plans offer coverage-based settlement prices of CME futures contracts. However, not many insurance agents are familiar with the dynamics of those futures markets and how the underlying commodities are priced. The premium that farmers pay for coverage is the same regardless of who your agent is. The only differentiating factors an agent has are market knowledge and service. HighGround’s team of market experts and industry-leading service make us the right choice for your insurance needs.

Dairy Revenue Protection

Secure your future with protection against declines in milk prices and yields. With customizable options, coverage can be tailored to match any dairy’s pricing dynamics and component production.  

Livestock Gross Margin - Dairy

Manage margin volatility with coverage that protects against declining milk prices and/or rising feed costs.

Livestock Risk Protection

With multiple cattle types and weight classes Livestock Risk Protection is the tool you need to protect the value of your herd.

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