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I find the consulting services from Eric Meyer and HighGround Dairy to be of the highest caliber in the industry. The research and analysis are timely, insightful and show a strong command of the market drivers. The support their team provides to ours through the consulting process allows us be proactive rather than reactive in a constantly changing environment.

Chief Procurement Officer, Multinational Dairy Company

With so many choices for risk management/commodity market advice, it is refreshing to work with a team that values my company’s individual goals and needs. HighGround Dairy took the time to understand our unique needs and tailored a program that fits us perfectly. More important. they continue to offer new opportunities for us to look at things differently. We find HighGround’s dairy market intelligence to be the most comprehensive in the industry.

Global Commodities Manager, Global Nutrition Company

Eric and the HighGround Team have quickly solidified themselves as the finest dairy market research providers in the industry. Not only do they communicate a day-to-day overview of market happenings, but they author compelling analysis of important macro events such as their Global Dairy Trade analysis and their market Forecast Snapshot. Their dairy foresight and contacts are second to none and we look forward to new innovative insights they will surely bring to the market. Their expert team of brokers specializing in customer service work diligently and ethically to find the best markets for their clients. We are glad to have them in our corner.

Risk Manager, Multinational Dairy Commodity Company

What initially drew me to HighGround was their market analysis. Not only was their reporting concise, timely, and easy to read, but HighGround was not afraid to deliver a market opinion beyond the standard "bullish" or "bearish". This has been far more valuable to me than the vanilla research many other firms publish.

HighGround's customer service is the best I have experienced in the industry; the other brokers I use do not come close. Early morning, late at night or in between, HighGround takes care of my needs. HighGround's unique market insights and best-in-class service is unparalleled in the dairy industry.

Dairy Procurement & Risk Manager, Global Food Manufacturing Company

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