April 2023 China Dairy Import Volume Snapshot

April 2023 China Dairy Import Volume Snapshot

Key Takeaways:

  • Skim milk powder imports continue to trend above the previous year although falling just short of 2021 volumes in April. Imports increased from the top three origination countries, New Zealand (+5,508MT YoY), Australia (+3,589MT YoY), and Germany (+2,087MT YoY). Other than the United States (-359MT) and Argentina (-300MT), Europe recorded all other losses versus the prior year, most notably from Finland (-1,881MT), Belarus (-502MT), Netherlands (-369MT), and Denmark (-103MT).

  • Lactose imports hit a new all-time high in April driven by larger shipments from United States, UP 3,033MT (+32% YoY). Sailings from Germany, second highest in market share with 12% behind the United States with 72%, were UP 1,255MT (+162% YoY). Greater volumes from Australia (+874MT or +698% YoY) and New Zealand (+609MT or +317% YoY) overcame losses from Poland (-768MT or -70% YoY) and France (-200MT or -67% YoY).

  • China whey imports marked the ninth consecutive month above prior year levels due to greater shipments from Poland (+5,927MT or +881% YoY) pushing the country to the second highest in market share with 13%. The United States remains the top origination country with 50% market share as volumes from the country rose by 426MT (+2% YoY). Imports from other European nations declined with France (-1,445MT or -37%), Ireland (-754MT or -52%), Belarus (-563MT or -16%), and Finland (-368MT or -26%), all below 2022.