Service & Information

The foundation of what brokers provide their customers is service and information. But doing that efficiently can be a challenge. HighGround Dairy has established a solid reputation for understanding our clients’ needs, keeping them well-informed of market activity and delivering a superior customer experience, whether it be developing trading strategies through to the execution process.

HighGround offers customers access to all four exchanges that list dairy futures and options contracts including the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), New Zealand Exchange (NZX), European Energy Exchange (EEX) and Euronext.

HighGround Trading, LLC is a Chicago-based Independent Introducing Broker, meaning we can provide flexibility as to where customers’ derivative positions and margin capital are held. HighGround has active relationships with nine different futures commission merchants (FCMs) and have clients currently placed at ADM Investor Services, Straits Financial, Rosenthal Collins Group, RJ O’Brien among others.

Our timely intelligence, comprehensive analysis and market opinion put us on the industry’s radar screen while our customers benefit from HighGround’s innovative and efficient execution style.